Versions of .NET

Release 2.10.9

  • Released on 2012-02-07

Release notes


Mono 2.10.9 is a minor update to Mono 2.10, Mono 2.10.1, Mono 2.10.2, Mono 2.10.3, 2.10.4, 2.10.5, 2.10.6, and 2.10.7.

Mono 2.10.9 on OSX contains an updated Gtk+ version with many fixes to the UI stack which improve the usability of MonoDevelop and other Gtk+ apps.

Mono 2.10.9 is a Mac-only update.

MacOS Updates

This release bundles the new version of Gtk+ 2 that has been fine tuned for MacOS X and fixes hundreds of problems that have been reported by users of MonoDevelop on Mac. In addition, it adds support for Lion's Smooth Scrolling.


  • Fix a libgdiplus issue that had forced linking against Apple's X11 stack for text rendering.
  • Fix issue where a native crash causes MonoDevelop to hang and neither Force Quit nor kill -9 would terminate it (Xamarin #2548).
  • Fix sgen failing with Assertion at sgen-gc.c:2506, condition `mono_sgen_need_bridge_processing ()' not met.

See the Mono 2.10.7 release notes for a full list of Mono changes since the last stable release.