Versions of .NET

.NET Core

7.0.5Latest runtime
7.0.203Latest SDK

Supported channels

ChannelSupportLatest releaseLatest release dateEnd of Life date
Latest release: 7.0.5Last updated on 2023-04-11EOL: 2024-05-14
Active (LTS)
Latest release: 6.0.16Last updated on 2023-04-11EOL: 2024-11-12
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.NET Framework

4.8.1Latest release

Recent releases

VersionRelease dateCLR VersionIncluded in WindowsIncluded in Windows Server
4.8.1Released on 2022-08-09CLR Version: 4Included in Windows ️ September 2022 Release (Version 22621)-
4.8Released on 2019-04-18CLR Version: 4Included in Windows ️ 10 May 2019 UpdateIncluded in Windows Server ️ 2022
4.7.2Released on 2018-04-30CLR Version: 4Included in Windows ️ 10 April 2018 Update (Version 1803)Included in Windows Server ️ version 1803
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Mono release

Recent releases

VersionRelease date on 2022-06-14 on 2022-03-22 on 2021-02-23
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