Versions of .NET

.NET Core

3.0.0Latest runtime
3.0.100Latest SDK

Supported channels

ChannelSupportLatest releaseLatest release dateEnd of Life date
Latest release: 3.0.0Last updated on 2019-09-23-
Long Term Support
Latest release: 2.1.13Last updated on 2019-09-10-
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.NET Framework

4.8Latest release

Recent releases

VersionRelease dateCLR VersionIncluded in WindowsIncluded in Windows Server
4.8Released on 2019-04-18CLR Version: 4Included in Windows 10 v1903-
4.7.2Released on 2018-04-30CLR Version: 4Included in Windows 10 v1803-v1809Included in Windows Server v1803-v1809, 2019
4.7.1Released on 2017-10-17CLR Version: 4Included in Windows 10 v1709Included in Windows Server v1709
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6.4.0Latest release

Recent releases

VersionRelease date
6.4.0Released on 2019-09-23
6.0.0Released on 2019-07-17
5.20.0Released on 2019-04-11
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