Versions of .NET

Release 2.10.3

  • Released on 2011-08-04

Release notes


Mono is a portable and open source implementation of the .NET framework for Unix, Windows, MacOS and other operating systems.

Mono 2.10.3 is a minor update to Mono 2.10, Mono 2.10.1, Mono 2.10.2 based on the mono-2-10 branch of github. Mono 2.10.3 was released on August 4th, 2011.

For more information on changes since Mono 2.10, you can also read the release notes for Mono 2.10.1, Mono 2.10.2.

Major Highlights

Vastly improved Mono's WCF stack.

Major update to Mono's linker/tuner.

MacOS X Lion: We have fixed various bugs in Gtk+ that affected Lion users of MonoDevelop and other Gtk# applications.

This release is big and tasty service pack, with plenty of fixes all around, the diffstat shows:

370 files changed, 10606 insertions(+), 3452 deletions(-)

Changes Since Mono 2.10.2


  • If a thread abort is fatal, we now show the stack trace
  • Improve stacktraces when facing a runtime invoke wrapper.
  • Fixed #693996 UriTemplate doesn't support named wildcards
  • Fixed #650117 xsd.exe hangs on valid circular groups schema
  • Implemented #692987 PipeException
  • Fixed #690475 Unexpected XmlConvert.ToDateTime(string,XmlDateTimeSerializationMode) behaviour
  • Fixed #673019 XmlSerializer : Bad Custom serializer generated with "char" default value.
  • Fixed #641935 Select XmlNodeList from parent XmlNode returns emply list in mono but not .net.
  • Fixed #16 XNode.ReplaceWith() throws exception when provided null arguments.
  • Fixed #703910 System.Xml.Serialization crash at reading of file
  • Support action parameter in SOAP 1.2 content type.
  • Fixed #704813 InvalidOperationException: To be XML serializable, types which inherit from IEnumerable must have an implementation of Add() at all levels of their inheritance hierarchy.
  • Fixed #703027 handling of null in the non generic implementation of EqualityComparer.
  • Fixed a socket stack problem where Mono could swallow file descriptors on threadpool threads.
  • Fix queryable enumerable expression transformation
  • Fixed #701187 Don't emit null queryable constants when rewriting linq queries.
  • Removed hard coded timeout for SslStreamBase.
  • Fixed a security issue when default-initialized ArraySegment structs are passed in sockets.
  • Fixed #684613 Allow AssemblyRef flags to have at least ECMA's values.
  • Fix Prefix selection in HttpListener
  • Fixes #690887 Add FTP + RETR support to FtpWebRequest
  • Various Parallel FX fixes
  • Fix ICollection.CopyTo in the Stack class
  • Fix #688353 HttpListener fix for matching directories
  • Fixed #689670 Use WriteLien instead of Write for AllLines.

C# Compiler:

  • Fixed #706877 handling of -checked command line argument
  • Fixed #687282 Fixes cross references of nested anonymous methods which don't start at parameters level block
  • Fixed #688891 Copy type parameters for base proxy method
  • Fixed #688891 Keep same TypeParameter ctor syntax


  • Various SGen bug fixes
  • Fixed #705186 ARM: soft-float decompose causes segfaults under some circumstances
  • Avoid register allocation problems when a try clause is nested inside a handler block.
  • Fix caching in mono_marshal_get_array_address ().
  • ARM cross-compilation fixes
  • Fixed #696593 avoid inflating a generic method of a non-generic class if the context has class only vars
  • Fixed #696817 Properly handle field RVA under moving collector
  • SGen now works under Xen
  • Fixed #693894 Avoid a crash in Field:GetRawConstantValue () if the field type couldn't be loaded
  • Add socket timeouts to the soft debugger:
  • Fixed some problems with Mono.Simd (related to #691057)
  • Fixes #690255 Implement BSTR marshaling even if COM is disabled
  • Fixed #691119 Fix support for parameters with generic constraints in Type.IsAssignableFrom ()
  • Avoid a ENOMEM when allocating across an unallocated page in Boehm
  • Fixes #688007 If there are no crendetials, the Uri might have them
  • Fixes #690020 Fix loading from volatile base addresses in the LLVM backend.
  • Fixes a crash on Lion when exiting
  • Fixes #688008 Allow storing managed pointers into 'native int' in the JIT, fsharp generates code without a conv.i.
  • Fixed #687865 AOT support for isinst_with_cache wrappers


  • New MONO_WCF_TRACE variable allows debugging WCF by logging all of the requests
  • Support WebHttpBinding configuration
  • Implement support for Stream param with WebHttpBinding raw content format
  • Implement support for generic data contract type name with "{x}"
  • Implement XmlSerializerMessageContractImporter
  • Implement WsdlContractConversionContext
  • Properly implement Message.ToString() + all related changes
  • Add message buffer support for RawMessage
  • Optimization: Full equivalence comparison is unnecessary for MessageEncoder ContentType
  • Allow DocumentType in ImportNode()
  • Add Decimal support to XmlBinaryDictionaryReader
  • Fixed #696784 Call a wcf method with a ref DataContract as parameter, eg: ref Customer makes the parameter null after the call
  • Fixed #695203 KnownType for Derived Class not Resolved
  • Fixed #687580 WCF fails with '(400) Bad Request' when the calling client uses URIs that should be functionally equivalent such as IP address instead of machine name
  • Fixed #688414 Exposing IEnumberable<> on a WCF service fails


  • Added support for optional parameters to WebServices
  • Added FormsAuthentication.Timeout 4.0 property
  • TemplateCompiler: Construct properly rooted paths when assigning values from resources.
  • Support RemoteEndpointMessageProperty
  • Ignore JavaScript blocks enclosed in HTML comments
  • When shadow-copying assemblies, use the io portability function to find the file.
  • Fixed #650847 Output both tagged and untagged UpdatePanel names in AJAX responses.
  • Fixed: Do not retrieve script's URL in RegisterScriptReference if script.Path is set
  • Implemented composite scripts support in System.Web.Extensions
  • Inform user about all exceptions thrown during HttpRuntime static initialization
  • Do nothing if null SessionStateStoreData is passed to SessionStateServerHandler.SetAndReleaseItemExclusive


  • Fixed asynchronous socket connect hang on BSD and MacOS X.
  • Fixed the library mapping for Cairo
  • We now ship with debugging symbols for all of the Mono binaries, making it simpler to get good stack traces.

OSX's Gtk port:

  • Fixed #655087 CoreGraphics "empty clip" bug on Gtk# applications.
  • Fixed #655122 Window resizing bug in Gtk# applications on Lion.


  • Refactored MonoMac's MarkNSObjects substep so it can be reused in other scenarios
  • Updated the linker and tuner


  • Fixed #688773 Assign default value to columns that does not exist in the row that is being imported
  • Fixed #681916 Handle null values for parameter types varbinary(max) and/or image
  • Fixed #663287 Validate the type of value against underlyingtype instead of nullableType.
  • Fixes calling size_t native parameters in OracleClient by passing UIntPtr reference types and hence, solves 32/64 bit and little/big-endian issues.
  • Fixes #663914 Restore original column data for unchanged columns during deserialization.