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Release 6.10.0

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We continue to work on making our WebAssembly support better. Various sets of issues have been resolved in this release and general performance and feature work is happening as well.

Community improvements for AIX/PASE and Haiku

The ports for these systems received a bunch of improvements from community contributor Calvin Buckley (@NattyNarwhal).

Class Libraries

CoreFX integration

We continued to replace some of our classes with the implementation from CoreFX to improve performance and compatibility with .NET.


Resolved Issues


Александр Хухлаев, Aaron Robinson, Adam Sitnik, Aleksey Kliger, Alex Thibodeau, Alexander Köplinger, Alexis Christoforides, Ankit Jain, Ben Adams, Bernhard Urban-Forster, Boris Parfenenkov, Calvin Buckley, Cody Russell, David Karlaš, Egor Bogatov, EgorBo, Eric Erhardt, Fan Yang, Filip Navara, Jan, Jan Kotas, Jay Krell, Jeffrey Zhao, Jo Shields, Johan Lorensson, John Salem, Jérôme Laban, Kenneth Pouncey, Kyle White, Larry Ewing, Levi Broderick, Marek Safar, Marius Ungureanu, Martin Baulig, Maxim Lipnin, Michal Strehovský, Nathan Ricci, Neale Ferguson, Next Turn, Nikita Voronchev, Nikolay Sivov, Phil Jaenke, Piotr Zierhoffer, Radek Doulik, Rolf Bjarne Kvinge, Ryan Lucia, Sam Patel, Santiago Fernandez Madero, Sebastien Pouliot, Steffen Kieß, Stephen Toub, Steve Pfister, Sung Yoon Whang, Sylvain, Tanner Gooding, Tarek Mahmoud Sayed, Thays Grazia, Tyler Brinkley, UnknownShadow200, Vincent Povirk, Vlad Brezae, Vladimir Sadov, Youssef Victor, Zoltan Varga, coypoop, iamphi, imhameed, lateralusX, madmir, naricc, obligaron