Versions of .NET

Release 4.4.2

  • Released on 2016-08-01

Release notes


Mono 4.4.2 is a service release for the Mono 4.4 series.

Bug Fixes

  • #30686 - ZipArchive ctor throws InvalidDataException for WebConnectionStream
  • #34498 - AOT task fails if project path has a space in it
  • #39100 - 'library not loaded' error when using embedded mono
  • #39282 - [System.IO.Compression] issues with ZipArchiveEntry streams
  • #40916 - [System.IO.Compression] ZipArchive can create an ZipArchiveEntry that has a modified time of DateTime.MinValue
  • #41264 - System "Socket" tests fails on devices with System.ObjectDisposedException
  • #41290 - Behavior change of ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback's SslPolicyErrors result for untrusted CA certificates
  • #41530 - [iOS]TimerTest failing randomly on devices
  • #41775 - Zip version needed to extract not correct in System.IO.Compression
  • #41782 - [Cycle 7] "System.Net.WebException: Error: NameResolutionFailure" when attempting web requests with certain raw IP addresses
  • #41874 - Reflection throws AmbiguousMatchException when calling GetProperty on a class that inherits from a generic base class.
  • #41979 - CodeDom cannot call mcs because of invalid encoding configuration
  • #42219 - [System.IO.Compression] Cannot create ZipArchive with duplicate entries with same name
  • #42274 - System.IO.Compression.ZipArchive vs System.Xml.XmlReader
  • #42688 - Can't wait for more than 429496 ms (429s)


NuGet was updated to version 2.12.

Changes in the Linux packages

The Mono packages now depend on binutils. This is necessary for the AOT compilation to work since direct object file emission was removed with commit cc946ea5 and we rely on the system assembler/linker now.


Alexander Köplinger, Alexis Christoforides, Frederik Carlier, João Mato, Marcos Henric, Marek Safa, Martin Bauli, Matthew Orlando, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Voorhees, Rodrigo Kumpera