Versions of .NET

Release 3.2.8

  • Released on 2014-02-19

Release notes


Mono 3.2.8 is a bug fix only release based on 3.2.7. This is a Linux-focused release.

  • On armhf, VFP scratch registers are now properly preserved across method calls.
  • A potential codegen bug on armhf for methods with lots of arguments has been fixed.
  • We now emit shorter floating point load/store sequences on armhf when possible.
  • Bugs surrounding alignment and mono_gc_bzero () / mono_gc_memmove () have been fixed.
  • A typo in the BigInteger.Cosh () implementation has been fixed.
  • Tuple<...> classes now implement ITuple and have a correct ITuple.ToString () implementation.
  • Bug #17589 has been fixed.
  • Bug #17558 has been fixed.
  • A stack alignment change that broke debugging on Android/x86 has been reverted (#17410).
  • Bug #17201 has been fixed.
  • The AOT compiler now adds types for method headers for gshared methods.
  • Bug #17632 has been fixed.
  • The DISABLE_JIT build has been fixed.
  • Bug #4510 has been fixed.
  • A potential crash in mono_method_desc_full_match () has been fixed.
  • Various build system fixes so that make dist works again.