Versions of .NET

Release 1.1.12

  • Released on 2005-12-19

Release notes


We consider Mono 1.1.12 stable to recommend it for all users. Those upgrading from the 1.0.x series should note that these notes only contain the differences between 1.1.10 and 1.1.12. Notice that there was no announcement for version 1.1.11

All of the changes since 1.0 are documented in the following release notes: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4, 1.1.5, 1.1.6, 1.1.7, 1.1.8, 1.1.9 and 1.1.10.

This release is mostly a bug-fix release, there are very few new developments.

What is new in Mono 1.1.12


Neale updated the S390 JIT compiler to match the new cross platform register allocator.

Paolo fixed a number PowerPC bugs that were exposed by new tests. He also fixed floating point code generation on ARM.


This version of Mono can run IronPython 0.9.6.

JIT Optimizations

An SSA-less Dead Code Elimination (fastdce) optimization was checked in by Massi. This optimization will be more useful on the next release as we tune some of the optimizations that produce dead code.


An implementation of the registry is now available on Unix.

2.0 profile updates

TryParse methods are no longer wrappers for Parse, Parse is now implemented in terms of Parse which will give us the performance associated with TryParse (Carlos).

Implement the string compares from 2.0 (Atsushi).

Implemented System.Globalization and System.Text from 2.0 as well as updating many of the CJK codecs (Atsushi).

Reflection updates from Zoltan.

Uri parsers from Sebastien.

System.XML 2.0: Most of 2.0 API has been fixed up except for Xml.Serialization have been done. Atsushi continues to work on stabilizing the 2.0 API.

Ben added the initial support for the Nullable<T> boxing conventions. These implement the last-minute changes that went into the Nullable<T> in .NET. It is known to have some bugs, as well as incomplete support in parts of the runtime.

Chris Toshok continues to work on the 2.0 System.Configuration assembly which is a key component of many of the new ASP.NET classes.

Dick implemented the 2.0 Semaphore classes (named and unnamed).


The Debugger works for the first time. It might still be a bit flaky, but I have been using it.

Get it from: here.

The X-Develop 1.2 beta has GUI support for it as well.

Text Encoding

Atsushi implemented the 2.x support for text encodings: the new unmanaged APIs and the fallback code.

SharpZipLib upgraded

We have upgraded SharpZipLib to the latest version, required to run the new IKVM.


Improved the Web UI, based on code from Eric Butler.


Windows.Forms is moving into bug fixing mode. We need as many people as possible testing their Windows.Forms applications and submit bug reports for any issues found with it.

These are some of the highlights, as Windows.Forms is the piece that changed the most in this release:

Alexander updates his "Nice" theme. He also checked in a new theme "ClearLooks". Set the variable MONO_THEME to "nice" or "clearlooks" to select these themes.

Jackson added MDI and toolwindow support, improved the TreeView and ListView widgets.

Mike improved the Menu infrastructure and introduced shortcut and key navigation support into Windows.Forms

Pedro contributed some updates to his summer of code DataGridView widget.

Peter added cut and paste support to the Textbox and RichTextBox widgets, keybindings for it, drag and drop and undo support.


Gonzalo implemented the embeddable HttpListener web server. Very cute.


Jordi has upgraded our System.Drawing stack to implement the 2.0 API.

Jonathan Gilbert fixed an important bug in GDI+ that prevented some applications from running correctly (UnlockBitmap was busted).


Ankit continues to improve the assembler and disassembler to support generics and has updated the PEAPI accordingly.

Harinath Raja, Marek Safar and Martin Baulig and continued to fix bugs in the C# compiler and improve the error and warning reporting of the compiler.

Basic compiler: Many bug fixes and improvements from Alexandre Rocha, Jelmer Vernooij and Maverson Eduardo.

Atsushi fixed many bugs in the -doc: command line handling in the C# compiler.

Cesar continued to improve the JScript compiler, the Mozilla test suite now at 8577 successful tests out of 8866 (96.74%).

IO Layer

Dick did various improvements to the IO-layer: threads were moved back into the shared handle space now that the leak bug is gone.

The main thread will now dispose all of its resources upon termination.

ShellExecute will now work properly on Windows.


Francisco upgraded Npgsql database driver to 1.0beta1.

Bug Fixes

Many bug fixes and tests everywhere. In particular CodeDOM got a large test harness by Gert, many bug fixes by Gonzalo to System.Web. Gamin is now correctly autodetected for the FileSystemWatcher.

Special thanks go to Robert Jordan which provided plenty of bug fixes and bug reports for this release of Mono. We also want to thank Zoltan which continues to fix bugs everywhere in the runtime.

John Luke updated and fixed various Mono.Cairo binding issues.

Jonathan Pryor updated the Mono.Unix namespace extensively.

Senganal is the new maintainer of System.Data and has been fixing many of the System.Data bugs.

Installing Mono 1.1.12

./configure --prefix=/devel

You can then setup your PATH to include /devel/bin to access the Mono 1.1. Alternatively you can replace your Mono installation with 1.1.12

Source Code and Binary Packages:

Source code and pre-compiled packages for SUSE, SLES, Fedora Core 3, 4, RHEL, MacOS and Windows in a variety of platforms available from our web site from the download section.

Quick source code installation:

If we have no packages for your platform, installing from source code is very simple.


tar xzf mono-1.1.12.tar.gz
cd mono-1.1.12
make install

Then compile libgdiplus:

tar xzf libgdiplus-1.1.11.tar.gz
cd libgdiplus-1.1.11
make install

Contributors to Mono 1.1.12

A partial list of contributors to this release:

Aaron Bockover, Aaron Flynt, Aaron Tomb, Alexander Olk, Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes, Alp Toker, Andrew Skiba, Ankit Jain, Atsushi Enomoto, Ben Maurer, Boris Kirzner, Carlos Alberto Cortes, Cesar Octavio Lopez Nataren, Chris Toshok, C.J. Collier, Daniel Drake, Daniel Morgan, David Hudson, Dick Porter, Duncan Mak, Eyal Alaluf, Felipe Lessa, Francisco Figueiredo Jr, Geoff Norton, Gert Driesen, Gonzalo Paniagua, Ingmar Schuster, Jackson Harper, Jacob Ilsø Christensen, James Willcox, Jb Evain, Jelmer Vernooij, Joe Shaw, John Luke, Jonathan Gilbert, Jonathan Pryor, Jonathan S. Chambers, Jordi Mas, Josh Cooley, Joshua Tauberer, Konstantin Triger, Kornél Pál, Lluis Sanchez, Marek Safar, Martin Baulig, Massimiliano Mantione, Maverson Eduardo Schulze Rosa, Michael Hutchinson, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Kestner, Neale Ferguson, Paolo Molaro, Pedro Kiefer, Pedro Martinez, Peter Bartok, Peter Johanson, Peter Williams, Rafael Teixeira, Raja R Harinath, Raphael Slinckx, Robert Jordan, Sebastien Pouliot, T Senganal, Todd Berman, Vladimir Krasnov, Vladislav Spivak, Wade Berrier and Zoltan Varga.