Versions of .NET

Release 1.0.4

  • Released on 2004-10-29

Release notes


For detailed information about Mono, please see the Mono 1.0 release notes.

Mono 1.0.4 is a maintenance release release for the 1.0 series of the Mono runtime. The Mono 1.0.xx series is the edition of stable releases of the Mono runtime.

New Packaging

Linux users will see the new package split, we have gone from 30 packages to 10 packages, it is a better organized setup, and the Mono core is now useful on its own.

Installing Mono 1.0.4

Binary Packages:

Pre-compiled packages for SUSE 9, SUSE 9.1, Red Hat 9, SLES 8, Fedora Core 1, Fedora Core 2 and MacOS X are available from our web site from the download section. A Red Carpet Mono channel is also available on these platforms.

Source code:


If you are installing from source code, there are a few optional dependencies that you will want to consider installing.

  • icu 2.6.1 or later Optional: for supporting string collation.
  • Cairo 0.1.23 Required to install libgdiplus.

Quick source code installation:

If we have no packages for your platform, installing from source code is very simple.


tar xzf mono-1.0.4.tar.gz
cd mono-1.0.4
make install

Optional Packages

Libgdiplus is an optional packages, you only need those if you intent to use System.Drawing or Windows.Forms.


tar xzf libgdiplus-1.0.4.tar.gz
cd libgdiplus-1.0.4
make install

Changes since the Mono 1.0.2 release

The following is a description of the changes and bug fixes since the Mono 1.0.1 release. For changes from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 see Mono 1.0.2 release notes. For changes from 1.0 to 1.0.1 see Mono 1.0.1 release notes

Version 1.0.3 was an interim release that was not made public.


Removed dependency on Cairo internals, this should help with upgrades on Cairo, and fixed several small bugs.


Plenty of AppDomain and thread-related bugs were fixed (Ben, Gonzalo, Zoltan).

Various metadata loader bug fixes (Zoltan).

Build fixes for SPARC (Zoltan).

Brazilian currency bug fixed (Jackson)

Various PowerPC bug fixes from Geoff Norton.

Fix socket semantics for BSD and MacOS (Dick), fixes XSP.

Basic runtime bug fixes (Sanjay).

Various ADO.NET bug fixes from (Atsushi, Suresh, Uma)

Various io-layer bug fixes (Dick).

XML and CodeDOM bug fixes (Lluis and Atsushi).

Various ASP.NET bug fixes, including UnloadAppDomain firing (Gonzalo, Lluis).

Regex bug fixes.

System.Net bug fixes and performance improvements (Gonzalo).

ASP.NET performance tweaks from Ben.

Major memory leak in ASP.NET has been plugged.

XSP and mod_mono

It is now possible to unload applications.

Plenty of performance improvements in XSP and mod_mono

Hangman (a Basic app) is now a sample of XSP.


Continued documentation improvements, and the new Monkeyguide from Shane is now included instead of the old documentation that had grown stale.

Contributions from the last two months to Gtk# and the class libraries have been incorporated.