Versions of .NET

Release 1.0.1

  • Released on 2004-08-09

Release notes


For detailed information about Mono, please see the Mono 1.0 release notes.

Mono 1.0.1 is a maintenance release release for the 1.0 series of the Mono runtime. The Mono 1.0.xx series is the edition of stable releases of the Mono runtime.

Changes since the Mono 1.0 release

The following is a description of the changes and bug fixes since the Mono 1.0 release.

In particular you should note that the ASP.NET hosting with Apache and XSP has greatly improved and is more robust than the versions that shipped with 1.0, people using ASP.NET are encouraged to upgrade.


  • Fixes trunc check on Solaris, add SPARC64 defines (Zoltan Varga).
  • Fixes #60787: Libgdiplus pthreads check (Jordi Mas).
  • Apply patch for libgc support on NetBSD.
  • Changes for FreeBSD thread support from John Merryweather Cooper.


  • Fixes #61033: Handle returning delegates from a delegate (Zoltan Varga).
  • Fixes #61048: Initialize FilterTypeName[IgnoreCase] (Zoltan Varga).
  • Fix linking of basic blocks in branch->branch optimizations (Zoltan Varga).
  • Fixes crash on AMD64 using the Mono interpreter (Marcin Krzyzanowski).
  • Add support for unaligned access on little endian machines (Marcin Krzyzanowski).
  • Fixes 60887: Make named mutex shareable (Dick Porter).
  • Fixes #58844: InvokeMember failed in some cases (Geoff Norton).
  • Fixes #58863: handle some cordner cases (Zoltan Varga)
  • Fixes #61167: String.Replace was too slow (Dick Porter).
  • Fixes #61287: Return proper name from System.Reflection.Module.ToString () (Paolo Molaro).
  • Return real method name on some exception stack traces (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • PowerPC fix for arguments on stack (no bug reported) (Paolo Molaro, Neale Ferguson).
  • Fixes #61721, #61802: Hashtable's intenral variable renamed for compatibility (Duncan Mak, Geoff Norton).
  • Fixes #61418: Dick Porter.
  • Fixes WebProxy detection (Konstantin Triger).
  • Fix class loads for pointer types (Paolo Molaro).
  • Debugging information bug fix for big-endian machines (Geoff Norton).
  • Track line number information on PPC, s390 and SPARC (Geoff Norton).
  • Fixes #61458: locale compare on invariant culture (Dick Porter)
  • PowerPC bug fixes to register allocation, which closes all known bugs with ASP.NET (Paolo Molaro).
  • GC warnings now use g-log to control them (Paolo Molaro).


  • Fixed reader problem in OdbcCommand's ExecuteScalar (Sureshkumar).
  • Fixed transaction and allow Close to be called multiple times in OdbcCommand (Sébastien Robitaille).
  • DataContainer checks for null in SetItemForDataRecord (Aleksey Demakov).
  • Fixes #61203: Failure with 64 bit numbers when reading from SqlServer (Umadevi).
  • Fixes #58163: DbDataRecord: Return DBNull instead of Null (Umadevi).
  • Fixes DataSet to XML serialization (Atsushi Enomoto).
  • Fixes #61968: Fixes quoted arguments to OdbcParameter's (Umadevi).
  • Fixes #62046: ExecuteNonQuery implemented correctly (Umadevi).


  • Added support for tracing on pages (David Taylor, Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Now creates the assemblies in the DynamicBase directory (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fixes #61232: Do not keep session around if obtained from the context (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fixes #61218: Problem redirecting from https to http (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Added workaround for postback on Netscape 4.xx (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fix crash on XSP when $HOME was not set (use GetFolderPath instead of using HOME) (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fixes #61569: Do not include private properties/events when hoooking up (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fixes #61429: case-sensitive fixes (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fixes #61690: Use invariant when formatting expiration date (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fixes #61654: Dont pass double slash when path begins with a tilde (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • Fixes #61524, 61831 (Gonzalo Paniagua).
  • WebClientProtocol adds the cookies as soon as they are available (Lluis Sánchez)


  • Fixes #60934: Cant setup remoting sink providers in config file (Lluis Sánchez)
  • Fixes #60427: SoapFormatter was using a differnent way of encoding argument names (Lluis Sánchez).
  • Fixes #61592: Set channel name for provided properties (Lluis Sánchez).
  • Fixes #61774, 61249, 61837: (LLuis Sánchez).


  • Fixes #61050: Report.Net fails in Mono (Jordi Mas).
  • Fixes #61156: Some PNG images were corrupted, and also adds a performance improvement (Ravindra Kumar).
  • Fixes to #60386, #60663, #61414: clipping (Ravindra Kumar).


  • File.Move needs to check that the destination files does not exist (Dick Porter, Carlos Alberto).
  • Include the file name on FileNotFoundExceptions (Dick Porter, Carlos Alberto).
  • Fixes #60970: Check for underflow when converting Unix time_t values (Dick Porter).
  • Fixes #61131: Fixes support FileStream.Seek for files larger than 2^31 (Dick Porter).
  • Add support for obtaining Unix Domain Peer Credentials if available (Mono.Posix) (Dick Porter).
  • Do not try to execute directories (Dick Porter).
  • Fixes #61511: WaitHandle.WaitAny did not behave correctly with AutoResetEvents (Sébastien Robitaille)
  • Fixes #61595: Socket.Select failed with null arguments (Nick Vaughan).
  • Fixes #61582: GetNameDataSlot was not thread safe (Dick Porter, Sébastien Robitaille).
  • Fixes #61608: RecvFrom throws exceptions on connected sockets (Nick Vaughan).
  • Fixes #62398: Update ConnectedState in Poll and Select (Dick Porter).
  • Fixes #62421: Do not invoke the callback if the timer changes (Gonzalo Paniagua).


  • XmlSerializer supports base64 encoding now (Lluis Sánchez).
  • Various fixes to base64 reading routines (Atsushi Enomoto).
  • XmlNode insertion bug, NextElementPost fixes (Atsushi Enomoto).
  • XmlTextReader: Stop parsing when null character is found (Lluis Sánchez).
  • Fixed XPathNavigator's IsSamePositio (Atsushi Enomoto).


  • DES, RC2, TripleDES: Fixed Feedbacksize (Sebastien Poulliot).
  • Fixes #61240: (Iainer Munoz).
  • Sn warns on missing machine.config (Sebastien Poulliot).

C# Compiler

  • Emit correct error codes with flow analysys (Martin Baulig).
  • Fixed value type compound assignment regression (Miguel de Icaza).
  • Fixes #61293: [Flags] attribute not emitted on some nested enumerations.
  • Many fixes to the iterators support, completely redone (Martin Baulig)
  • Fixes 61593: overflow on Enum[] iteration (Miguel de Icaza)
  • Fixes preprocessor compilation for #line inside false paths (Miguel de Icaza)
  • Fixes #61702: Crasher bug (Miguel de Icaza).
  • Fixes #62322: Do not abort if a user defined operator is not included but still numeric conversions apply (Martin Baulig).
  • Fixes #62263: Pointer arithmetic bugs (Ben Maurer).
  • Fixes: #62275: Base invocations (Ben Maurer).


  • Include line pragmas (Peter Williams).