Versions of .NET

Release 0.3.0

  • Released on 2001-07-12

Release notes



July 12 snapshots of class libraries, the compiler and the mono runtime are available.

New on this release:

Runtime (module: mono)

The beginning of a simple interpreter that Paolo started workign on (can run really simple .NET programs).

Disassembler copes with more elements of the binary format and more tokens are decoded. Paolo is working now on moving some of these to the metadata library.

More tables are dumped.

Class libraries (module: mcs/class)

Many new more classes are in from Joe, Vladimir, Jeff, Sean and yours truly.

Sean fixed the build process, and it is now possible to compile with a single command the assemblies. We will be revisiting this mechanism in the future to compile per-OS assemblies (ie, Unix, Windows, MacOS, etc).

Compiler (module mcs/mcs)

Not much done this week, just a few fixes here and there, and more work to make it easy to compiler.

Documentation (module: mono/doc)

All the changes to the web site are there for your browsing pleasure. We still need to integrate the status system in there.

- Miguel.