Versions of .NET

Release 0.21.0

  • Released on 2003-02-27

Release notes


Hello everyone!

We have just released Mono 0.21, only a few days after 0.20 due mainly to a bug in the compiler which made it abort on top-level enums and delegates on Windows.

In the meantime, various other minor bugs were fixes on the class libraries, the runtime and the compiler. Mono is available at the usual location:

We released packages for SuSE 8.0, Mandrake 8.2, and various Red Hat releases. Alp has contributed Debian packages as well. It is also available from Red Carpet on the Mono channel.

Source code for Mono, MCS, and XSP is available as well from that web page. The sources are:

MCS package (Class Libraries, C# and VB.NET compiler and managed tools):

Mono package (Runtime engine, JIT compiler):

XSP package (XSP test web server for ASP.NET webforms):

The contributors since version 0.20 were: Alan Tam, Atsushi Enomoto, Daniel Lopez, Dave Bettin, Dick Porter, Dietmar Maurer, Duncan Mak, Gonzalo Paniagua, Kevin Breit, Lluis Sanchez, Martin Baulig, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Kestner, Nick Drochak, Paolo Molaro, Per Arneng, Peter Williams, Rafael Teixeira, Reggie Burnett, Tim Coleman, Ville Palo and Zoltan Varga.

This release consists of 238 group commits.

Highlights of the release

  • System.Data

    Bug fixes from Aleksey (our first contributor from Siberia!), Alan, Ville and Tim.

    Tim also has continued his work on the OracleClient provider. Ville in particular expanded the Expression handling in System.Data.

  • Reflection

    Bug fixes to custom attribute from Gonzalo and Paolo (this gets XmlRpc moving a bit more).

    Many more fixes for IKVM support in Mono from Zoltan.

  • Some performance improvements

  • Compiler bug fixes

    A number of bugs have been addressed in the compiler

  • Remoting

    Lluis has added Support for binders.

  • System.Web.Mail

    Per continues to improve his work.

  • Web Services

    Dave Bettin has resumed some work on the web services infrastructure.

  • Windows.Forms

    New improvements from Reggie.

  • System.XML

    Bug fixes from Atsushi, and Alan. Alan has also made XmlConvert better comply with the XML Schema definition.

Enjoy! Miguel.