Versions of .NET

Release 0.19.0

  • Released on 2003-01-20

Release notes


Hello everyone!

We have made a new release of Mono available. Despite the fact that we just did Mono 0.18, this release is packed with new features.


Mono 0.19 is available in package format from:

We released packages for SuSE 8.0, Mandrake 8.2, Debian and various Red Hat releases. It is also available from Red Carpet on the Mono channel.

Source code for Mono, MCS, the Mono Debugger, XSP is available as well from that web page.

New in this release

Remoting news

Lluis has implemented and documented the Binary formatter Woohoo! He has done a lot of work as well to support remoting.

Patrik has also been working heavily on fixing a number of remoting related bugs and missing features.

Ajay also implemented 1-d array serialization in System.Xml

New database provider: IBM DB2

Christopher Bockner has contributed a DB2 data provider for System.Data. We have a very complete range of data providers.


Gaurav has started work on this assembly, this will allow us to run the unmodified reference ASP.NET applications that were designed to support Mobile browsing.

System.Data and System.XML

More implementation work on XmlDataDocument from Ville and plenty of fixes from Atsushi.

MacOS patches

Paolo integrated John Duncan's and Benjamin Reed patches to make Mono run on MacOS X out of the box.


The initial implementation of it was done by Jonathan Pryor and included in this release.


More work on the Mono Visual Basic compiler (it is now included in the packages).

Plenty of bug fixes from Jackson, Miguel to the C# compiler.

Patches from Francesco and Daniel to the VB.NET support runtime.

Debugger support

Plenty of updates to run the new Mono Debugger from Martin.

Main missing bits

Some of everyone's favorite patches or code chunks have not yet been integrated, hopefully Mono 0.20 will have them:

  • Zoltan's patch to run IKVM is not yet on this release

  • Some parts of Patrik's remoting code did not make it to the release either.

  • Reggie's MySQL native provider is also missing.

Enjoy! Miguel.