Versions of .NET

Release 0.15.0

  • Released on 2002-08-23

Release notes



I have just released Mono 0.15, we skipped version 0.14, because it was only used internally.


As usual, two packages were released. You only need the first to develop applications though:

Runtime engine source code. Binaries for the compiler and class libraries.

Source code for the compiler and the class libraries.

Instructions for recompiling the compiler and the class libraries is included in mcs-0.13/INSTALL, thanks to Alp for authoring this doc.

RPMS are available for Red Hat 7.3:


1049 commits since July 27th (0.13 release date)


There are so many news in the past month, that it is very hard to summarize it. Basically: better, faster, more complete Mono. I have included my attempt at a summary:

  • C# Compiler, from Martin Baulig:

    • Definite assignment support.
    • 50% faster compilation times.
    • Almost all bugs against the compiler closed.
  • Tim Coleman and Web Services:

    • Tim has started to add support for Web Services.
  • Runtime:

    • Dietmar has been working on our remoting support as well as Interop code. Structure marshalling got complete now.
  • Internationalization:

    • Rhys Weatherley author of Portable.NET has contributed his very complete internationalization code to the Mono class libraries.
  • ASP.NET:

    • Many contributions from Patrik Torstensson to the HttpRuntime. Gonzalo started to move the XSP page processor into the System.Web assembly.

    • Once Patrik commits the rest of the new code, it will be possible to use the regular Web servers people write as well as writing an Apache module.

    • Gaurav is back, and has been fixing and improving some of the existing Webform widgets.

  • Sparc and PowerPC.

    • Mark Crichton updated the SPARC code for Mono, Radek updated the PowerPC port as well.

    • Rodrigo and Dan have maintained thing: the OleDB classes are starting to show signs of life with the LibGDA backend
  • Windows.Forms:

    • Work is progressing on the WineLib-based implementation of the Windows.Forms. The only way of making sure we can run all Windows.Forms apps on Linux.
  • Resources

    • Dick checked in resource readers and writers.
  • Tons of bug fixes.

    • Everywhere, really.

This time I had to put together packages, rpms, and release notes myself, I apologize if I missed an important chunk of work, it is really hard to read over a thousand commits and try to synthesize.