Versions of .NET

Release 0.12.0

  • Released on 2002-06-07

Release notes



A new version of Mono (0.12), is out.

Mono is an open source implementation of the Microsoft.NET Framework, and ships with a C# compiler, a runtime engine (with a JIT on x86 cpus) and a set of class libraries.

Mono is know to work on a number of platforms: x86/Linux, x86/Windows, x86/FreeBSD; sparc/solaris; linuxppc/linux; strongarm/linux.

There have been many changes since the last release of Mono in late April, thanks to Duncan for assembling the list of new features, any omissions are my fault.

Changes since 0.11

It is hard to keep track of the changes, as there are 1632 patches that were posted to the mailing list. One third of the total number of patches since we opened mono-patches list. I am sure I missed some stuff and probably missed some contributors. I apologize in advance.


  • Paolo: New Reflection.Emit generation code generates code that can be executed in Windows. Now binaries generated by Mono/MCS will run on Windows.

  • Paolo got Activator.CreateInstance to work.

  • Sergey's CPU-optimization for CPBLK.

  • Many many bug fixes to the runtime from Dick, Dan Lewis, Dietmar, Gonzalo, Martin, Paolo, Radek and Sergey,


  • Many bug fixes: The compiler can now compile Gtk#, Vorbis#, System.Data assembly and System.Xml assembly which previously did not work (Dietmar, Miguel, Paolo, Piers, Ravi, Miguel). Thanks to all the bug reporters.

Class Libraries

  • Mike started work on System.Xml.XPath

  • Christian, Dennis, Daniel and friends got more stubs for System.Windows.Forms in.

  • Ajay revamped System.Xml.Schema. And Jason and Duncan updated System.Xml

  • Daniel also checked in a working CodeDOM implementation and a C# provider.

  • Many bug fixes by everyone. Thanks to Daniel, Duncan, Jonathan, Lawrence, Martin Mike, Nick and Piers. I am missing a lot of contributors that should be listed.

ASP.NET support

  • A lot of work from Gonzalo allows some small and modest ASP.NET applications to run (you still need the unreleased XSP code though).


  • Integrated the MySQL provider from Brad Merryl.

  • Lots of work by Dan, Rodrigo, Tim.

Microsoft.VisualBasic runtime support

  • Rafael and Chris have been working on the VisualBasic runtime support DLLs