Versions of .NET

Release 6.0.0-preview.5

  • Released on 2021-06-17
  • Runtime 6.0.0-preview.5.21301.5
  • SDK 6.0.100-preview.5.21302.13
  • ASP.NET Runtime 6.0.0-preview.5.21301.17
  • Windows Desktop Runtime 6.0.0-preview.5.21301.4

SDK 6.0.100-preview.5.21302.13

  • Visual Studio 17.0
  • Visual Studio for Mac 8.10
  • C# 9.0
  • F# 6.0
  • VB 16.0

Release notes


.NET 6.0.0 Preview 5 - June 17, 2021

The .NET 6.0.0 Preview 5 and .NET SDK 6.0.100-preview.5.21302.13 releases are available for download. The latest 6.0 release is always listed at .NET 6.0 Releases.

What's new in .NET 6 Preview 5

.NET 6 is the next major release of .NET following .NET 5. You can see some of the new features available with .NET 6 Preview 5 at dotnet/core #6099.

See the .NET, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and .NET MAUI blogs for additional details. Here is list of some of the additions and updates we're excited to bring in Preview 5.


SDK Installer1 SDK Binaries1 Runtime Installer Runtime Binaries ASP.NET Core Runtime Windows Desktop Runtime
Windows x86 | x64 | Arm64 x86 | x64 | Arm64 x86 | x64 | Arm64 x86 | x64 | Arm64 x86 | x64 |
Hosting Bundle2
x86 | x64 | Arm64
macOS x64 | Arm64 x64 | Arm64 x64 | Arm64 x64 | Arm64 x64 | Arm64 - 1
Linux Snap and Package Manager x64 | Arm | Arm64 | x64 Alpine Packages (x64) x64 | Arm | Arm64 | Arm64 Alpine | x64 Alpine x641 | Arm | Arm641 | x64 Alpine | Arm64 Alpine - 1
Checksums Checksums Checksums Checksums Checksums Checksums
  1. Includes the .NET Runtime and ASP.NET Core Runtime
  2. For hosting stand-alone apps on Windows Servers. Includes the ASP.NET Core Module for IIS and can be installed separately on servers without installing .NET Runtime.

The .NET SDK includes a matching updated .NET Runtime. Downloading the Runtime or ASP.NET Core packages is not needed when installing the SDK.

You can check your .NET SDK version by running the following command. The example version shown is for this release.

$ dotnet --version

.NET Multi-Platform App UI Workload Downloads

.NET 6 introduces Android, iOS, and macOS SDKs for developing native applications. These provide the foundational mobile and desktop pieces for the new .NET Multi-platform App UI. See dotnet/maui-samples for additional setup instructions and sample projects you can run today.

After installing the .NET SDK, you can install these platform SDKs using the dotnet workload install command:

$ dotnet workload install microsoft-android-sdk-full
$ dotnet workload install microsoft-ios-sdk-full
$ dotnet workload install microsoft-maccatalyst-sdk-full
$ dotnet workload install microsoft-macos-sdk-full
$ dotnet workload install microsoft-tvos-sdk-full

Visit .NET Documentation to learn about .NET, for building many different types of applications.

Docker Images

The .NET Docker images have been updated for this release. The .NET Docker samples show various ways to use .NET and Docker together. You can use the following command to try running the latest .NET 6.0 release in containers:

docker run --rm

The following repos have been updated.

Visual Studio Compatibility

You need Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0 or later to use .NET 6.0 on Windows.


Your feedback is important and appreciated. We've created an issue at dotnet/core #6389 for your questions and comments.