Versions of .NET

Release 3.0.0-preview2

  • Released on 2019-01-29
  • Runtime 3.0.0-preview-27324-5
  • SDK 3.0.100-preview-010184
  • ASP.NET Runtime 3.0.0-preview-19075-0444

SDK 3.0.100-preview-010184

  • C# 8.0-preview
  • F# 10.4.0-rtm-181207-02
  • VB 15.9

Release notes


.NET Core 3.0.0 Preview 2 - January 29, 2019

.NET Core 3.0.0 Preview 2 is available for download and usage in your environment. This release includes .NET Core 3.0.0 Preview 2 and .NET Core SDK 3.0.100 Preview 2.

If Visual Studio is your preferred environment, you will need Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 to take full advantage of the .NET Core 3.0 Preview.

Blog Round up

The .NET Core SDK 3.0.100 Preview 2 includes .NET Core 3.0 Runtime so downloading the runtime packages separately is not needed when installing the SDK. After installing the .NET Core SDK 3.0.100 preview, the following command will show that you're running version 3.0.100-preview-010184 of the tools.

If you use Visual Studio for development work, Visual Studio 2019 is required.

dotnet --version

Your feedback is important and appreciated. We've created an issue at dotnet/core #2263 for your questions and comments.


SDK Installer1 SDK Binaries1 Runtime Installer Runtime Binaries ASP.NET Core Runtime
Windows x86 | x64 x86 | x64 | ARM x86 | x64 x86 | x64 | ARM | ARM64 x86 | x64 | ARM
Hosting Bundle2
macOS x64 x64 x64 x64 x641
Linux Snap install x64 | ARM | ARM64 | x64 Alpine - x64 | ARM | ARM64 | x64 Alpine x641 | ARM1 | ARM641 | x64 Alpine1
RHEL6 - x64 - x64 -
Checksums SDK - Runtime - -
Symbols - - Runtime | Shared Framework | Setup - ASP.NET Core
  1. Includes the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Runtimes
  2. For hosting stand-alone apps on Windows Servers. Includes the ASP.NET Core Module for IIS and can be installed separately on servers without installing .NET Core runtime.

Notable Changes in 3.0.0 Preview 2

  • ASP.NET Core 3.0 Preview 2
  • EF Core 3.0 Preview 2
  • C# 8 Preview 2 (see highlights in the blog post)
  • .NET Platform Dependent Intrinsics
  • JSON Writer and JSON Document
  • Local dotnet tool improvements
  • Assembly Unloadability
  • Windows native interop
  • Work continues on WinForms and WPF
  • API changes for Preview 2

Docker Images

The .NET Core Docker images have been updated for this release. Details on our Docker versioning and how to work with the images can be seen in "Staying up-to-date with .NET Container Images".

The following repos have been updated