Versions of .NET

Release 1.1.2

  • Released on 2017-05-09
  • Runtime 1.1.2
  • SDK 1.0.4
  • !Security

SDK 1.0.4

  • Visual Studio 15.2.2


Release notes


Release Notes

.NET Core May 2017 Update - 1.1.2 Released 5/8/2017

This release includes critical security and reliability updates to improve the quality of .NET Core. The latest releases can be found on the .NET Core download pages or from the following.

The .NET Core SDK 1.0.4 includes .NET Core 1.0.5 and 1.1.2 runtimes so downloading the runtime packages separately is not needed when installing the SDK.

Details regarding the security issues addressed by this release can be seen in the Security Advisory announcement.

.NET Core 1.0.5 Symbol Packages

Symbol packages for .NET 1.0.5 are available for download from the following locations.

Docker Images

The .NET Core Docker images have been updated for this release. See the new image names below.


  • 1.0.5-sdk
  • 1.0.5-sdk-nanoserver
  • 1.1.2-sdk
  • 1.1.2-sdk-nanoserver


  • 1.0.5-runtime
  • 1.0.5-runtime-nanoserver
  • 1.1.2-runtime
  • 1.1.2-runtime-nanoserver

Closed issues for this release


  • [640a13cae] Fix debugging on OS X Sierra (#10078) (#10103)
  • [dafae2f23] GetAllocatedBytesForCurrentThread unpredictably returns inaccurate values (#10277)
  • [8123965bc] Eliminate EncodingForwarder performance impact (#10805)